Geotechnical Services

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GeoTest provides geotechnical engineering and consulting services to industrial, municipal, and residential clients. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience working with the unique soil, bedrock, and groundwater conditions in the region. Our services incorporate multiple disciplines, always considering cost and constructability as part of our design and recommendations.


Slope Stability
Soil & Rock Mechanics
Erosion Control & Design
Failure Analysis
Pile/Pier Capacity Evaluation
Foundation Analysis Parameters
Subgrade & Pavement Design
Seismic Parameters
Retaining Wall Design
Excavation & Foundation Design
Drainage Controls for Structures
Culvert Design
Pilot Infiltration Testing (PIT)


Geologic Hazard Areas Assessment
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Mapping & Reconnaissance
Subsurface Exploration / Characterization
Coastal Assessments
Aggregate Evaluation
Mine Hazard Assessment
Seismic Risk Evaluation
Soil Stormwater Infiltration Evaluation
Site Suitability
Soil Corrosivity

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GeoTest welcomes the opportunity to become a part of your team and build the success of your company. We provide Construction Special Inspection and Materials Testing Services throughout Northwest Washington. Our Geotechnical Engineering Department and Environmental team can provide services in Washington State and Oregon.

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