Construction Special Inspection Services

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GeoTest provides clients with construction special inspection and materials testing to verify that critical project components are in accordance with plans, specifications, and code requirements. Our team is comprised of registered WABO, ICC, ACI, AWS, and WSDOT WAQTC certified inspectors to provide expertise for any type or size of project.

Construction Special Inspection

Reinforced Concrete
Structural Masonry & Grout
Prestressed Concrete
Post-Tensioned Concrete Slabs
Lateral Wood Framing
Cold-Formed Steel Framing
Structural Steel & Bolting
Structural Steel & Welding
FabShop Inspections
Fireproofing Inspection
Proprietary Anchor Inspection
Firestopping Inspection
Soil / Aggregate Compaction Testing
Floor Flatness / Levelness Testing
Floor Moisture Testing

QA / QC Materials Testing

WSDOT Soils, Concrete, Asphalt
Quality Control Management
Quality Assurance Engineering
CESCL & Stormwater Monitoring
LID Facilities Inspection
Pier/Pile Installation Monitoring
Earthwork Monitoring
Asphalt Compaction Testing
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Vibration Monitoring

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GeoTest welcomes the opportunity to become a part of your team and build the success of your company. We provide Construction Special Inspection and Materials Testing Services throughout Northwest Washington. Our Geotechnical Engineering Department and Environmental team can provide services in Washington State and Oregon.

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