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1. From the Ground Up!

geotechnial environmental construction special inspection materials testing laboratory building science envelope air barrier
GeoTest has worked on numerous public and private projects in the Puget Sound region since 1993. Our versatile array of services spans 5 major categories: Geotechnical, Environmental, Construction Special Inspection, Materials Testing & Laboratory, and Building Science. We are proud to continue to serve Northwestern Washington as we continue to grow and foster meaningful partnerships with our local communities. We look forward to working with you in 2020—From the Ground Up!

2. Marysville Civic Center Project

geotechnial environmental construction special inspection materials testing laboratory building science envelope air barrier
GeoTest is excited to be a part of the upcoming Marysville Civic Center project! This new $47.6 million facility will feature modern, energy-efficient building design and will include a new City Hall, Police Department, and Courthouse. GeoTest will be providing Structural Testing, Inspection, and Building Envelope services for this project. 

3. Building Science

geotechnial environmental construction special inspection materials testing laboratory building science envelope air barrier
Maintaining the structural integrity of building enclosures’ air, moisture, and thermal barriers is critical in the Pacific Northwestern climate. GeoTest offers Building Science services to improve overall building performance, increase envelope durability, and meet energy code requirements. Our Building Science program also provides services to support regulatory compliance for new and existing building enclosures; such services include Building Envelope Inspection & Testing, Envelope Control Layer Detailing, Testing for Water Penetration & Air Infiltration, Commissioning Support, Rehabilitation Consulting, and Forensic Investigations.

4. Construction Special Inspection

geotechnial environmental construction special inspection materials testing laboratory building science envelope air barrier
Adherence to established standards is paramount during construction. The International Building Code (IBC) established the Construction Special Inspection & Materials Testing discipline to mitigate risk by upholding certain construction standards by inspecting materials, installation, fabrication, and implementation during the construction process. GeoTest provides clients with construction special inspection and materials testing services to verify if critical project components are in accordance with plans, specifications, and code requirements. Our team is comprised of registered WABO, ICC, ACI, AWS, and WSDOT WAQTC certified inspectors which provide a wealth of expertise for any type or size of project.

5. Geotechnical

An integral, yet often unrecognized, component of modern civil and structural engineering is perhaps the most fundamental when it comes to manifesting a preliminary concept design into an applied construction. Geotechnical Engineering focuses on the foundational interface between the Earth’s crust and the manmade structures residing in and upon it. The focal point of the Geotechnical profession literally begins From the Ground Up; the transformation of a vacant lot into a multi-million dollar stadium commences with geotechnical experts analyzing the suitability of a site’s surface and subsurface characteristics. Such details encompass everything from bearing capacity, soil composition at varying depths, slope stability, erosion, pavement design, stormwater, drainage, retaining wall design, to crustal movement (recent & historical) and mitigative efforts for natural hazards such as earthquakes/floods. GeoTest provides geotechnical engineering and geologic services to industrial, municipal, and residential clients. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience with the unique soil, bedrock, and groundwater conditions underlying the Puget Sound region. Our services incorporate multiple disciplines, always considering cost and constructability into our design and recommendations!

6. Materials Testing & Laboratory

A completed engineering project is only as strong as the sum of its parts. Each material component plays a critical role in ensuring the final product performs as intended. The Materials Testing field acts as a major quality measure via the sampling and testing of building materials over a project’s timeline, with the end goal seeking to fortify the durability and robustness of a design’s structural framework. Testing a structure’s constituent parts assures optimal performance integration upon project completion, as well as adherence to defined safety standards and regulations. GeoTest has two WABO-registered materials testing laboratories based in Bellingham (A2LA-R18 Accredited) & Arlington (AASHTO-R18 Accredited). Common material types tested by GeoTest include concrete, soil, asphalt, masonry, and aggregate.

7. Environmental

GeoTest provides environmental consulting and testing services during all phases of development. GeoTest conducts Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), groundwater monitoring, soil & water sampling/analysis, underground storage tank (UST) assessments, and closure monitoring for a diverse client base that includes the commercial, private, municipal, industrial, and petrochemical industries. We strive to keep projects progressing through methods that ensure regulatory compliance if environmental issues or contaminated soils are encountered during design or construction. Many of our projects involve multiple disciplines under a single contract, allowing us to offer unparalleled constructability insight and innovative solutions.

8. Reinforced Concrete (RC) Inspection

The WABO Special Inspection Registration Program provides building departments the ability to approve special inspectors. The International Building Code (IBC) specifies that “a special inspector shall be a qualified person who shall demonstrate his/her competence to the satisfaction of the building official, for inspection of the particular type of construction or operation requiring special inspection.”
GeoTest prides itself in offering the full set of WABO Construction Special Inspection categories, beginning with Reinforced Concrete (RC) Inspection. Reinforced concrete contains embedded wire mesh or reinforcing bars (rebar) to increase tensile strength, making the concrete less susceptible to cracking or breaking. Our American Concrete Institute (ACI)–certified  personnel are experts in the inspection of concrete footings, walls, slabs, and columns, while also being adept in the sample acquisition of concrete for subsequent laboratory analysis. GeoTest’s Bellingham and Arlington-based laboratories provide our clients with standardized materials testing environments to analyze concrete mixes for code compliance. 

9. Adapting to Covid-19

In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, GeoTest has taken action to benefit the health and safety of our employees and community. The work we do is critical to many communities and businesses of the Puget Sound region, and we are committed to being there when our community and clients need us most. As our teams continue to ensure that engineering and construction safety standards are being met, we have altered our business practices to adhere to new guidance put forth by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Our Administrative, Geotechnical, and Environmental teams are working remotely at or near full capacity. Our Construction Inspection and Building Science teams are taking the proper precautions (social distancing, avoiding gatherings in confined spaces, hand washing, proper planning) in response to new requests for field work. Our Materials Testing teams are ensuring the cleanliness of our laboratories while practicing social distancing precautions. At our Bellingham and Arlington facilities, we regularly disinfect commonly used surfaces such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, faucets, and lab equipment interfaces.    
If you are feeling sick or have been contact with someone known to have Covid-19, we recommend reaching out to your local health care professional. The CDC’s coronavirus guidelines link is below for additional information.
During this stressful time, we emphasize staying calm and working together (at a certain distance, of course!). Take care of yourselves, families, and friends. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of our current services. Lastly, the community’s safety is at the forefront of GeoTest’s mission as we adapt to meet project demands during these unprecedented times!

10. Prestressed Concrete (PC)

GeoTest takes great pride in offering the full set of WABO Construction Special Inspection categories, including Prestressed Concrete (PC) Inspection. Prestressed concrete contains embedded tendons (high-strength prestressed tendons typically consisting of single wires, multiple wires, or threaded bars) that increase the concrete’s strength and durability by bolstering its internal tensile strength. The tendons apply internal compressive stress which increases the strength and load-bearing characteristics of the concrete. Prestressed Concrete is used in a wide array of building and civil structures due to its improved serviceability performance and longevity when compared to Reinforced Concrete (RC). GeoTest supports our clients with critical special inspection and testing services during construction of Prestressed Concrete elements!

11. Shotcrete (SC)

First used in 1914, Shotcrete (SC) comprises the application of concrete/mortar through a pneumatically-driven (powered via pressurized air) hose and spray gun. The concrete leaves the hose at high velocity causing it to compact and consolidate upon impact of the intended target area. This target area typically includes reinforcing bars, steel rods/mesh, or fibers; all of which reinforce the concrete’s tensile strength. Shotcrete is commonly used on vertical or overhead surfaces due to the complexities that arise when using normal concrete application techniques for hard-to-reach areas. This high-velocity construction technique includes both wet and dry concrete mix types. GeoTest supports our clients with Shotcrete Special Inspection services—supported by our nationally-accredited Materials Testing laboratories—during construction of Shotcrete elements!

12. Structural Masonry (SM)

Structural Masonry (SM) comprises a load-bearing construction method that utilizes building materials such as bricks, concrete block, clay tiles, and stone. These materials are held together with mortar, which contains proportional amounts of lime, sand, and gypsum. Mortar differs from cement by containing lime instead of sand. Masonry walls come in many categories, including load bearing (structural), non-load bearing (non-structural), reinforced (via steel rods/rebar), hollow/cavity, composite, and post-tensioned (via tendons). GeoTest provides Structural Masonry inspection and testing services to ensure the physical properties of masonry structures comply with established codes and project specifications. Structural Masonry inspection is one of many WABO Special Inspection services GeoTest provides to clients.

13. Structural Steel & Bolting (SSB)

WABO’s Structural Steel & Bolting special inspection category comprises structural steel inspections, certified welder inspections, inspections of fabricator shops, cold-formed steel framing, and high-strength bolting inspections. Structural steel is a material category used for making steel construction materials in a variety of shapes. Many shapes of structural steel take the form of elongated beams with specific cross-sectional profiles. In the Pacific Northwest, buildings are commonly constructed using structural steel. The connections used for structural steel are often welded or bolted together. These connections are critical to a building’s structural integrity. GeoTest provides Structural Steel & Bolting inspection services to our clients as a part of our full WABO construction special inspection and materials testing service set. We take pride in communicating effectively with project stakeholders to deliver the best results to our clients!

14. Lateral Wood (LW)

The WABO Lateral Wood (LW) special inspection category concerns the International Building Code’s requirements for wood construction. LW special inspection is a quality control measure intended to ensure that wood features incorporated into a structure are constructed in conformance with accepted codes and standards. Special inspections pertaining to wood construction have only been required for the past 25 years. Structural provisions in building codes, including those for special inspection, have evolved based on experience following natural man-made disasters. Periodic special inspection is required for wood nailing, bolting, anchoring, and other fastening of elements of the seismic and main wind force-resisting systems, including wood shear walls, wood diaphragms, drag struts, braces, and hold-downs. GeoTest offers Lateral Wood inspection services as a part of our complete WABO special inspection set!

15. Structural Welding (SW)

Ironwork that specifically deals with the joining of materials—typically metals or thermoplastics—used to reinforce the structural elements of buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructural construction is known as structural welding. Welding, in general, uses high heat to melt material components together, which fuses the adjoined parts upon cooling. WABO’s Structural Welding (SW) Special Inspection program is designed to inspect all welded structural elements, such as reinforcing iron, rebar, structural iron, and structural steel. Structural Welding inspection is one of many WABO Special Inspection programs provided in GeoTest’s Construction Special Inspection set! GeoTest has structural welding inspectors that are certified by the American Welding Society (AWS).

16. Cold-Formed Steel (CF)

GeoTest provides critical Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Inspections to the Puget Sound Region. CFS members are made from structural sheet steel formed into specified shapes via roll-forming through a series of dies. No heat is required to shape the steel (unlike hot-rolled steel), hence the name cold-formed steel. CFS is a construction material with many advantages; it won’t shrink, split, absorb moisture, all while resisting warping, termites, and fire. The physical properties of CFS allow it to be used in a wide range of environments. The strength and ductility of CFS, for example, make it ideal for construction in regions subject to high winds or earthquakes. Since each piece of CFS contains a minimum 25% recycled content, it is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan, and emits no volatile organic compounds — it’s an exceptionally sustainable building material. GeoTest provides Cold-Formed Steel Inspections as a part of our full WABO Special Inspection service set!

17. Proprietary Anchors (PA)

Proprietary Anchors pertain to drilled anchors, connectors, or hangers that are used to affix structural building materials such as concrete, masonry, steel, cold formed steel (CFS), or wood. Proprietary (patented) anchors differ from conventional (unpatented) anchors in that conventional anchor bolts are usually cast-in-place and require careful attention to bolt length and location to avoid problems. Proprietary anchors are typically installed (often using epoxy) post-construction, permitting a larger degree of freedom in anchor placement. For this reason, proprietary anchors are becoming popular in masonry and concrete construction. Proprietary anchors can be divided into two generic categories: expansion-type anchors and adhesive/chemical-type anchors. GeoTest can assist the project needs of clientele by providing proprietary anchor inspections as a part of our full WABO special inspection service set!

18. Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Materials (FP)


19. Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints (FS)

Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Materials (FP) are passive fire-protection materials directly applied to structural building elements. These materials are intended for application to structural steel, concrete, and other substrates. FP materials are typically made with either a cement or mineral-fiber base. FP provides excellent fire protection, thermal insulation, and acoustic properties, and is one of the many WABO Special Inspection (SI) categories. GeoTest also provides Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints (FS) inspections to buildings that require a specific fire resistance rating. FS systems prevent the spread of fire or smoke within a building through the sealing of gaps and penetrations with materials designed to resist the free passage of flame. GeoTest provides Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Material and Fire-Resistant Penetrations and Joints inspections as part of our full set of WABO SI service categories.

20. Quil Ceda Creek Casino Renovation

GeoTest is proud to be a part of the Quil Ceda Creek Casino renovation project scheduled for completion in 2021. GeoTest is providing the project team with construction special inspection and materials testing services (via our Arlington laboratory). Our services included testing and inspection of Soils, Structural Steel, Adhesive Anchors, Fireproofing, Masonry, and Concrete. Additionally, we provided specialty services such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning, Floor Flatness/Levelness Testing, and Floor Moisture Testing.
The all-new casino will be placed on a 15-acre parcel just west of I-5 Exit 199 at Fourth Street and Marine Drive. The construction project totals 494,000 square feet:
CASINO – The gaming floor will be 126,700 square feet with 1,500 slot machines and 16 table games.
RESTAURANTS & BARS – There will be one full-service restaurant, a food hall with multiple cooked-to-order venues, and three full-service bars.
ENTERTAINMENT – Facilities include an Entertainment Lounge and a private party meeting room.
PARKING – A 6-story parking garage with 1,067 parking spaces is under construction. In addition, there will be 684 surface parking spaces.

21. New Residence Hall, Western Washington University (WWU)

GeoTest has a fruitful, collaborative history with Western Washington University (WWU), as many of our current employees are WWU alumni. GeoTest is currently working with WWU project teams in the design and development of a new residence hall at the Bellingham campus. During the initial design phase, GeoTest provided geotechnical observations, recommendations, and analytical reporting prior to the commencement of the project’s construction phase [see the attached image for a leaf fossil excavated from Chuckanut Sandstone near Bellingham, WA]. GeoTest is currently providing construction special inspections services in the form of reinforced/prestressed concrete, structural steel, lateral wood framing, and structural welding inspections.

As a pioneer that provides integrated engineering inspection and consulting services, GeoTest has spearheaded a Building Science program within its suite of available services. Understanding the various phenomena that affect buildings over time is critical in the planning, design, & construction phases of building development. Our inspectors are expertly trained in assessing building characteristics such as envelope, environmental barriers (air/water/thermal), penetration/leakage testing, energy code compliance, and much more!

22. Sehome High School Renovation

The new Sehome High School is a 190,000 square foot, two-story building designed for 1,200 students in the Bellingham School District. Designed by Dykeman Architects and completed in 2019 by Dawson Construction, the project replaces the original high school (built in 1966) with a modern facility constructed on the original site. The new school has a two-story academic wing and a performing arts/physical education wing. The new building also includes modern classrooms, science labs, and visual/performing arts spaces, in addition to a library, gymnasium, commons area, and cafeteria. A new synthetic surface track, synthetic turf playfields, six tennis courts, multiple parking areas, and bus access points were also included in the new school’s construction.
GeoTest provided construction special inspection and materials testing services on this project, comprised of concrete testing, masonry inspection, sports field density/permeability testing, sieve/proctor analyses, grout testing, and structural steel inspection. GeoTest also provided an array of building science services spanning envelope inspections to air leakage tests!

23. Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

Culture of Care Week

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) works to ensure the continued success of the commercial construction field by advocating for federal, state, and local measures that support the industry. Just this year, AGC launched the Culture of CARE program at a national level. Headquartered in Seattle, the Washington state AGC chapter (AGCW) has invested in resources to elevate diversity, inclusion, and CARE (Connectedness, Awareness, Respect, Empathy) to prevent workplace racism and sexism. The AGC’s Culture of CARE initiative responds to current workforce needs, and the need to bring opportunities in construction to traditionally underrepresented groups.
The AGCW has more than 600 member companies, and has significant programs involving government/labor relations, group insurance, workplace safety, and workforce development. GeoTest is proud to participate in the AGC’s Culture of CARE week by taking the CARE Pledge (https://www.agcwa.com/culture-of-care-pledge/). Our staff is our most valuable asset; we embrace and encourage our employees’ differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, marital status, gender identity, expression, language, national origin, physical/mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make our employees unique. Through this commitment, we seek to promote diversity in our workplace while valuing human relationships throughout our industry and community.

24. Marysville Civic Center Project (In-Progress)

GeoTest is proud to be a member of the Marysville Civic Center project team in 2020! This new $47.6 million facility will feature a modern, energy-efficient building design that includes a new City Hall, Police Department, and Courthouse. GeoTest is currently providing WABO-approved special inspection services for this important City of Marysville project. These critical services include inspection and testing of Concrete, Structural Steel, Structural Welding, and Building Envelope.

25. Thornton Street Overpass (In-Progress)

GeoTest is proud to be a member of the Thornton Street Overpass project team! This City of Ferndale project will improve and connect Thornton Street via an elevated crossing at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway right of way and tracks. The new overpass will provide access between Malloy Avenue and the Portal Way roundabout, which is anticipated to become a principal route for the majority of Ferndale residents living on the City’s west side. GeoTest is providing construction materials testing services for this important project. These services include testing of concrete, shotcrete, soils, gravel aggregate, and hot mix asphalt (HMA).

26. SnoPUD Clean Energy Technology Center

& Modular Data Center (In-Progress)

GeoTest is proud to be a member of SnoPUD’s Clean Energy Technology Center and Modular Data Center Project teams. Currently in construction in Arlington, WA, this new microgrid is designed to provide grid resiliency while also integrating renewable energy. The project includes an already installed 500-kW community solar array with smart inverters, a 1 MW/1 MWh lithium-ion battery storage system, and several vehicle-to-grid charging stations for SnoPUD’s electric vehicle fleet. The battery system will provide back-up power to the Clean Energy Technology Center, the Modular Data Center, and a planned community office. GeoTest is providing field services such as soil observations, field density/moisture reporting for structural fill, floor flatness testing, and inspection services for installed adhesive anchors, lateral wood framing, and reinforcing steel. Working out of our Arlington-based laboratory, GeoTest is also providing materials testing services for concrete and soils reinforcing steel on this important energy infrastructure project!

27. Grand Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

GeoTest is proud to have been a member of the Grand Avenue Pedestrian Bridge project team! Passing its final safety inspection on August 26th, 2020, the Grand Avenue Pedestrian Bridge is officially open to the public! GeoTest provided geotechnical consultation services and quality control bolting inspection services during the construction phase of this critical community-based project. Geotechnical services included critical pile installation recommendations during the construction phase, as well as additional consultation pertaining to cribbing under the bridge and settlement management to protect Marine Drive. Connecting communities long separated by geography, the pedestrian bridge walkway joins a historic Everett neighborhood with the evolving Everett waterfront. The City of Everett decided it best to postpone any official grand opening because of concerns with the COVID-19 virus.

28. Alderwood Elementary School Replacement

GeoTest is proud to be a member of the Alderwood Elementary School project team! Construction of the replacement school began in July of 2020 in Bellingham, WA. Everett-based Dykeman Architects designed the school to support 450 students (pre-kindergarten through fifth grade). The building will include classrooms, an administration office, a library, a full-sized gymnasium, cafeteria/commons area, a kitchen, and a covered play area. Outdoor amenities will include separate bus and parent drop-off, playfields, walking paths, hard/soft outdoor play areas, and parking.

GeoTest is providing construction special inspection and materials testing services for this important community-based project. Inspection and testing items for this project include structural steel, concrete, asphalt, lateral wood framing, and earthwork. The professionals at GeoTest are experienced in the sensitivities required when undertaking renovation and new-construction projects involving youth educational facilities. Our team is especially sensitive during renovations of active schools, placing the safety and security of students at the forefront when carrying out project tasking!

29. Sumas Elementary School Replacement

The Nooksack Valley School District has scheduled the construction of a new Sumas Elementary School and the demolition of the existing facility. Phase One of this project consists of foundation support, an approximately 44,270 sq ft new covered plan shed, and all related site work and demolition of the existing school. GeoTest’s Geotechnical Department conducted site explorations via soil borings and test pits to gain greater insight into the soil and groundwater conditions present at the site. Sampling and subsequent laboratory testing was conducted to determine the engineering characteristics of site-based soils. GeoTest provided a finalized geotechnical report that detailed recommendations pertaining to foundation support, bearing elevations, frost penetration depth, re-use of on-site soil, lateral earth pressures, seismic/excavation considerations, and criteria for structural fill. GeoTest attended Design Review meetings for the planned Rammed Aggregate Pier installation and reviewed project material to provide design recommendations. Currently, GeoTest’s geotechnical field inspectors are providing observational inspection services for the installation of the Aggregate Piers. During the construction phase, GeoTest is providing Construction Special Inspection & Materials Testing services, including services pertaining to Earthwork, Concrete, Wood Framing, Masonry, Structural Steel, and Asphalt. Additionally, GeoTest is providing Building Science consultation services during the construction phase.

30. Happy 2021!

31. Twin Lakes Landing Apartments in Marysville, WA

GeoTest is excited to be a member of the Twin Lakes Landing project team! Housing Hope plans to begin construction in the spring of 2021 on Twin Lakes Landing, an ultra-green 60-unit apartment complex in Marysville for low-income and formerly homeless people. Twin Lakes Landing will have 4 buildings with 15 units each. Completion is expected in summer 2022. Twin Lakes Landing will seek a Passive House Certification and be built to Washington State’s Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard. GeoTest conducted geotechnical and geologic investigations at the project site using test pits and borings to provide foundational information concerning the site grounds for stormwater infiltration feasibility. GeoTest also provided a geotechnical report detailing local surface, subsurface, and groundwater conditions, in addition to providing a soil liquefaction hazard assessment. This preliminary geotechnical investigation is critical to the successful construction of the apartment complex!

32. AGC Construction Safety Week

GeoTest is proud to be participating in AGU’s Safety Week. Safety Week is our opportunity to recognize the promise we made when GeoTest was first founded as an Engineering Corporation in 1993. When we entered this industry, we joined a unique community with a priority to make safety a foundational pillar in our workplace. Safety is the binding agent that holds our employees and clientele together, and is not something we can opt in/out of. It is a promise, to ourselves, our co-workers, and the families who rely and count on us. We are united in our commitment to continuously improve our safety culture and send each GeoTest employee home safely each day. Our safety program will continue to be the primary beam that supports the success of our company, the figurative cement that reinforces our ability to provide optimal services via the safest means possible – From the Ground Up! #agc #constructionsafetyweek #constructionsafety

33. City of Marysville 1st Street Bypass

This important City of Marysville civil project commenced in 2019 and entails the widening of the existing roadway from two to five lanes, and the extension of 1st Street from Alder to 47th Avenue. The extension included two traffic lanes bounded by structural earth walls on the south side. Roadway improvements have been installed on 47th Avenue to accommodate the new extension. This project includes new and upgraded drainage facilities, a new waterline, landscaping, traffic signals, illumination, and other work. GeoTest provided materials testing and construction inspection services throughout the duration of this project, including inspections and testing of soils, concrete, and asphalt. Our inspection and testing services were in accordance with WSDOT specifications and requirements.

34. Lighthouse Mission

GeoTest is excited to be a member of the Lighthouse Mission project team! Lighthouse Mission are expanding in Bellingham to build more housing for the homeless. GeoTest is helping by providing preliminary engineering consultation services which will be essential in supporting future construction endeavors. Lighthouse Mission works throughout Whatcom County to break the cycle of homelessness in the lives of people experiencing it. Lighthouse Mission offers meals, safe shelter, and one-on-one case management.

35. Bay Wood

GeoTest is proud to be a member of the Bay Wood project in 2021! GeoTest is providing construction special inspections services for this project, such as those pertaining to reinforced concrete, cold-formed steel framing, and structural steel/bolting. This industrial project will use tilt-up building construction and will feature 30-foot clear heights, cross-docked warehouse/manufacturing spaces, abundant parking with generous truck maneuvering, and access to highways/services. The site is situated on a promontory jutting into Possession Sound (near the north tip of Jetty Island), providing spectacular surrounding views of the Puget Sound and the Cascades!

36. Joe Leary Slough to Nulle Road

GeoTest provided inspection services for this important 2010 Joe Leary Slough to Nulle Road project. This stretch of the I-5 in Skagit County was in dire need of rehabilitation. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) opted for an asphalt pavement “deep strength” overlay, resulting in a long-life, perpetual pavement design. The crack, seat, and overlay process involved fracturing the existing concrete pavement to turn it into a supporting base for a thick layer of new asphalt. This method provided lower initial costs, allowed for faster construction, and offered long-term value with less disruption to the traveling public. As a project team member, GeoTest provided quality assurance services to the Contractor. The revitalized 11.6-mile stretch of asphalt road was built with a 50+ year life in mind with minimal periodic surface treatment required every 18-20 years. https://www.roadsbridges.com/wsdot-finds-long-term-success-perpetual-pavement-design-skagit-county

37. Bellingham School District Athletic Fields for Bellingham & Squalicum High Schools

GeoTest takes great pride in supporting community projects and is excited to contribute to another Bellingham School District project! The District is constructing two new athletic facilities at the Bellingham and Squalicum high schools. The Bellingham High School Athletic facility will consist of 4 CMU (concrete masonry unit used in building construction) dugouts and a synthetic turf field, requiring foundations, slab-on-grade, and utility stub outs. The Squalicum High School Athletic Facility consists of 1 CMU baseball restroom and concessions building, 1 CMU soccer restroom building, and 2 wood-framed storage buildings for baseball and softball equipment. GeoTest is currently providing materials testing and construction inspection services for these two local projects. Our services include the inspection and testing of concrete, masonry, grout, soils, structural steel, and adhesive anchors. 

38. Sedro-Woolley Library

The Sedro-Woolley Library opened its doors to the public in 2021. Offering curbside services, the new library has already proved to be popular, having issued over 800 library cards and welcomed over 17,000 visitors. The library includes a commons area—which pays tribute to Sedro-Woolley’s steel and logging history—and a community room that can accommodate 150 people. Computer and conference rooms are also included in the library. This past summer, 550 children participated in the library’s Summer Reading Program and read a total of 6,500 books. GeoTest provided geotechnical engineering consultation services during the initial project stage, where our team explored the local soil and groundwater conditions. GeoTest also provided construction special inspection services during the construction phase of this project.

39. National Roundabouts Week

GeoTest is proud to recognize National Roundabouts Week! Roundabouts promote a continuous flow of traffic. Unlike intersections with traffic signals, drivers don’t have to wait for a green light at a roundabout to get through the intersection. Traffic is not required to stop – only yield – so the intersection can handle more traffic in the same amount of time. Modern roundabouts, compared to traffic signal-controlled intersections, have been proven to reduce injury accidents by 75% and fatal accidents by 90%. GeoTest has worked on two recent roundabout projects—City of Arlington’s 204th Street Roundabout and City of Anacortes’ Ship Harbor Roundabout—providing materials testing services for asphalt, concrete, soils, and more! #RoundaboutsWeek

40. Galbraith Mountain

GeoTest is very excited to donate its services to the Galbraith Mountain improvement project. Galbraith Mountain is a very popular area of trails that backs the southeast side of Bellingham, WA. To permanently protect 2,240 privately-owned acres of Galbraith Mountain and to secure legal rights to extensive, multipurpose, non-motorized recreational activities on that land, great efforts have been put forward by the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and Whatcom Land Trust to continue to make Galbraith Mountain a renowned recreation destination enjoyed by a variety of trail users. GeoTest is donating compaction testing services for the Galbraith Mountain parking lot, as well as to accessibility improvements.

41. Imagine Children’s Museum

GeoTest is excited to participate in the Champions for Children Challenge by sponsoring the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, WA! During the week of October 25th, the Imagine Children’s Museum is offering special exhibits and programming that will enrich the lives of children in the community. The museum contains interactive exhibits and activities that encourage children and their families to play, experiment, splash, think, wander, and create together in a place where they can feel physically and emotionally safe. GeoTest is proud to support the museum in its efforts to positively influence the development of youth in our community! #ChampionsforChildren #ImagineChildrensMuseum

42. RMC Architects Honor Award Recipient

Congratulations to RMC Architects on being honored with a design award for their work on Skagit County’s Seasonal Farmworker Housing Project in Burlington, WA! Twelve projects recently won American Institute of Architects Northwest Washington Section 2021 Design Awards. These awards celebrate the best residential and commercial architectural designs available from AIA members at firms in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan counties. The Skagit County Seasonal Farmworker Housing won an honor award, which applauded RMC’s success in adapting a traditional house pattern to heavy-duty use, while still maintaining a home-like environment. As seasonal housing, the two-bedroom units are occupied on a temporary basis by migrant farmworkers and their families. The winners of this award represent the finest standards in sustainability, innovation, inclusion, building performance, and overall integration with clients and the surrounding community. Working with RMC Architects, GeoTest provided a geotechnical assessment and an infiltration feasibility study to investigate the underlying subsurface conditions of the project site, allowing GeoTest to discern engineering characteristics regarding the soil and groundwater conditions.

43. Strawberry Court (City of Marysville)

Strawberry Court, an apartment complex at 1060 Columbia Ave, Marysville, broke ground last month. At completion, the complex will be 33,000 sq. ft. with 42 units, consisting of 21 one-bedrooms, 15 two-bedrooms, and 6 three-bedrooms. The units feature high ceilings, expansive windows, and access to a private courtyard with kids play area and seating. The complex has 70 surface parking stalls. The project is named to tie in with the Marysville Strawberry Festival, which has taken place annually since 1932. GeoTest provided geotechnical engineering services during the initial project stage, and are performing special inspection and materials testing services during construction!

44. Lynnwood Link

Lynnwood Link light rail service is scheduled to begin in summer 2024, connecting to the Northgate light rail stations and beyond. Sound Transit’s $3.1 billion Lynnwood Link light rail extension has reached the halfway point after two years of construction. All of the project’s 188 columns are finished, and 530 of the 533 girders have been set, with the remaining girders to be installed by year end. Construction of all 10 bridges is underway and 80% complete, and rail work has begun at several locations on the 8.5-mile route. This extension includes four stations: Shoreline South/148th, Shoreline North/185th, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood City Center. GeoTest has been providing numerous services for this important community transportation project, including those related to stormwater, construction special inspection, and materials testing.

45. Happy New Year 2022!

46. Ferndale High School

GeoTest is thrilled to be a part of the new Ferndale High School project! The original Ferndale High was built in the 1930s. Officials decided to replace the older school instead of a rebuild due to the old school containing nearly 100 external doors to the exterior — a security concern in modern times — and a new building will better support STEM classes, as well as the career and technical education (CTE) program. The new building will comprise three stories amounting to 220,000 square feet. A new stadium with a turf field is also being constructed. Ferndale School District No. 502 expects the new school to accommodate up to 1,600 students — about 400 more than the previous school. With the final steel beam lifted into place in 2021, the District’s goal is to have the new school open in August 2023. GeoTest has been providing Special Inspection, Materials Testing, and Building Science services for this important community youth project.

47. Amaris Ridge Apartments

GeoTest is excited to be a part of this five building, multi-family housing complex project in Ferndale, WA! This project includes three-story, wood framed structures with shallow conventional foundations, along with an associated drive access and infrastructure. GeoTest provided geotechnical services during the pre-construction phase, exploring the soil and groundwater conditions underlying the subject property to evaluate subsurface conditions. GeoTest also conducted a geohazard assessment per the City of Ferndale Municipal Code. During the construction phase, GeoTest is providing special inspection and materials testing services pertaining to concrete, reinforcing steel, subgrade soils, and backfill.

48. Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2022!

49. WWU Interdisciplinary Science Building

50. Sarvey Wildlife Care Center

GeoTest took pride in providing geotechnical consultation services for the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center in Arlington, WA! The Center is dedicated to saving the lives of sick, orphaned, injured, displaced, and debilitated wild animals so that they may be successfully returned to their native habitat. The Center also offers educational opportunities to encourage a greater appreciation of the uniqueness of each species, and the ecologic and conservation challenges they face. Please visit www.sarveywildlife.org for more information! To support upcoming improvements, GeoTest provided a comprehensive geotechnical report that detailed findings and recommendations pertaining to earthwork, seismic design, foundation, site drainage, concrete slab-on-grade construction, utilities, construction monitoring, and stormwater infiltration/treatment. GeoTest also assessed potential Geologically Hazardous Areas at the site per Snohomish County Code (SCC) and the 2018 International Building Code (IBC). GeoTest was proud to donate a portion of our time and professional services towards this worthwhile project!

51. Village of Hope – Tiny Home Community – Tulalip Tribes

Tulalip Tribes drew up plans for permanent supportive housing, a community called the Village of Hope. This fall, 17 tiny homes are set to open on Mission Hill Road, next to the Tribes’ main shelter space. The one- and two-bedroom tiny homes are equipped with kitchens and bathrooms. During the design phase, GeoTest conducted initial site explorations and various geotechnical testing services concerning groundwater conditions, drainage, and stormwater infiltration. During the construction phase, GeoTest provided inspection and testing services pertaining to the concrete and soils of multiple building pads. GeoTest was proud to provide geotechnical engineering, construction special inspection, and materials testing services to Tulalip Tribes for this important community-based project!

52. Tl’ awh-ah-dees Park

GeoTest was excited to be a member of the Tl’ awh-ah-dees Park (formerly Squire’s Landing park) project team! Located along the Sammamish River in Kenmore, WA, Tl’ awh-ah-dee Park features .65 acres with over 150 lineal feet of shoreline access to the Sammamish River and Swamp Creek. Kenmore City Council recently passed a unanimous motion to change the name of Squire’s Landing Park to Tl’ awh-ah-dees, the name of the Lushotseed village previously located in or near present-day downtown Kenmore. Tl’ awh-ah-dees translates to “a place where something is grown or sprouts” and honors the Coast Salish People who originally inhabited the area, and the many Indigenous Peoples who still reside there. GeoTest provided structural welding inspections for critical structural steel components. GeoTest also provided observation services during pile installation on this important community project!

53. Blue Heron Slough

GeoTest has been a member of the Blue Heron Slough Conservation Bank project team since 2017, providing Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) services to monitor the influence of stormwater runoff on ground and surface water. Located in the lower Snohomish River Estuary near the mouth of the Snohomish River, the 353-acre site is located on land that historically was part of an extensive estuary complex that was supported by daily flooding from Possession Sound and intermittent flooding from the Snohomish River. The ecological goal for this Port of Everett project is to restore the estuary complex to a 353-acre area by creating a mosaic of channels, marsh, mud flat, and riparian habitats that will be reconnected to riverine and tidal elements by breaching the existing dike in three locations once the site has stabilized. Recently, the first phase of breaching commenced in efforts to provide a habitat for chinook salmon, bull trout, and other various wildlife.

54. Middle Fork Nooksack River Fish Passage

As a member of the Middle Fork Nooksack River Fish Passage project team, GeoTest was excited to participate in this important tribal project in the upper middle fork of the Nooksack River near Bellingham, WA. GeoTest provided construction special inspection and materials testing services pertaining to concrete, shotcrete, grout, rebar, and soils. This completed project restored approximately 16 miles of spawning and rearing habitat for endangered fish species. It consisted of the removal of a City of Bellingham diversion dam, the relocation of the river intake to maintain the municipal water supply and eliminate the need for the dam, as well as the addition of a fish screen for fish protection. The restored river now flows through the former dam site, bringing renewed access for endangered Chinook salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout. The project was the result of collaboration between the City of Bellingham, Nooksack Indian Tribe, Lummi Nation, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and American Rivers.

55. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

56. Meadowdale Beach Park and Estuary Restoration

The Meadowdale Beach Park and Estuary Restoration Project was initiated by Snohomish County Parks and has been a successful partnership with Snohomish County Surface Water Management (SWM), BNSF Railway, Tulalip Tribes, state/federal agencies, and the local community. This project is regionally significant for its role in salmon recovery and Puget Sound shoreline restoration, while making significant improvements to the park. GeoTest provided construction inspection and materials testing services for this important local project. Our services included inspection and testing of asphalt, concrete, reinforcing steel, and site soils. This is the first Puget Sound shoreline restoration project that included enlarging a stream crossing under railroad tracks along the shoreline. The installation of a wide railroad bridge to replace the undersized culverts was critical to Snohomish County achieving its vision to convert park lawn areas to high functioning estuarine habitat to benefit salmon.

57. Tesla Building

GeoTest is excited to be a member of the project team supporting the Tesla building project in Marysville’s Cascade Industrial Center! Tesla, an electric car maker, has leased a massive new building at the Cascade Business Park in Marysville, WA. This 245,000 square-foot facility marks Tesla’s first location in the Pacific Northwest. The building was constructed by NorthPoint Development and completed in March. GeoTest is providing construction special inspection and laboratory-based materials testing services for this important local project!

58. St. Joseph Medical Center

GeoTest is excited to be a project team member for the St. Joseph Medical Center expansion project! GeoTest is providing construction special inspection and materials testing services for this important local Bellingham project. Our services include the inspection and testing of concrete, soils, structural steel, reinforcing steel, post-installed anchors, asphalt, and building envelope. The expansion will include a new six-level pavilion, medical office building, and multi-story parking garage. The pavilion will provide a new entrance to the hospital and house an expanded emergency department, renovated nursing units, and new childbirth center—all needed to match the growth of Whatcom County. Construction is estimated to be completed by early 2024.

59. Squalicum Creek Fish Passage

GeoTest is excited to be a member of WSDOT’s Squalicum Creek Fish Passage project! WSDOT is removing the current fish barrier located on State Route 542/Mt. Baker Highway between Britton Road and Noon Road in Bellingham. The barrier will be replaced with a single-span bridge for an estimated habitat gain of approximately 3 miles. GeoTest is providing vibration monitoring, geotechnical instrumentation, and laboratory testing of construction materials. Squalicum Creek is a lowland stream that originates in the Cascade foothills east of Bellingham and flows west through the City limits before entering Bellingham Bay. The stream drains approximately 22 square miles and has historically provided approximately 32 miles of accessible salmon habitat. The stream currently provides a habitat for salmon species such as coho, chum, pink, chinook, and steelhead. The creek also supports populations of birds and mammals, as well as recreational opportunities for citizens.

60. Tacoma Office Opening

GeoTest, an RMA Company, is proud to announce the opening of our newest location in Tacoma, WA! We have expanded our reach to the City of Tacoma and Pierce County to facilitate growth and extend our presence along the I-5 corridor. The Tacoma office will provide for a larger geographic reach and allow GeoTest to better serve clients in Pierce, Lewis, Thurston, and Mason counties. GeoTest is very excited to see the opening of our latest location come to fruition, as we look forward to expanding our geographic footprint in western Washington!

61. Meadowdale Beach Park & Estuary Restoration – Project Completion

The Meadowdale Beach Park and Estuary Restoration Project is now complete! As the first Puget Sound shoreline restoration project that included the widening of a stream crossing under railroad tracks, this $15.5 million ‘pocket estuary’ project provides habitat for an array of wildlife, a place for juvenile salmon to rest and adjust before entering the marine environment, and a transition area for returning adults to prepare for their journey upstream to spawn. This project is regionally significant for its role in salmon recovery and Puget Sound shoreline restoration, while making significant improvements to the park. The project also improved public access to Meadowdale Beach. A new park shelter and footbridge were built as well. GeoTest provided construction inspection and materials testing services for this important local project. Our services included inspection and testing of asphalt, concrete, reinforcing steel, and site soils. The Meadowdale Beach Park and Estuary Restoration Project was initiated by Snohomish County Parks and has been a successful partnership with Snohomish County Surface Water Management (SWM), BNSF Railway, Tulalip Tribes, state/federal agencies, and the local community.

62. Bridge Point Everett 500

Bridge Point Everett 500 is a new industrial development in North Everett with three state-of-the-art warehouses. The warehouses vary in size from 85,603 square feet to 278,988 square feet. The project sits on a 40-acre site off of Seaway Boulevard and close to Possession Sound. GeoTest provided construction special inspection and laboratory materials testing services for this important local project! Our services span structural steel, grout, concrete, rebar, structural welding, and non-destructive testing.

63. 236th Street NE Corridor Improvements

GeoTest was proud to be a member of the Stillaguamish Tribes – 236th Street Corridor project! Lauded as the APWA Transportation Project of the Year for the $5 to $25 Million Dollar Project Division, this collaborative project between the Stillaguamish Tribe and Snohomish County integrated a new fish passage, an advanced wetland mitigation site, an innovative low-impact bicycle and pedestrian pathway, and a roundabout. Using environmentally sustainable practices during the development, the project will enhance pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular safety. GeoTest provided a geotechnical report during the design phase of the project, as well as geotechnical support and materials inspection/testing services during the construction phase.

64. Millworks Family Housing

GeoTest took part in the Millworks Family Housing project in Bellingham, WA. The new 83-unit affordable apartment building opened last month at 100 W. Laurel St. in Bellingham’s growing Waterfront District. The project was developed by Mercy Housing and is the first affordable housing building to open at the Waterfront District. The new four-story building has one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes for families earning under 50% and 60% of the area median income. Amenity spaces comprise a community room, a playground and lawn, and a technology center. There is also office space for property management and a resident services office. An early learning center, to be operated by the YMCA of Whatcom County, is slated to open on the building’s ground level. It will be approximately 7,700 square feet, with around six classrooms to support up to 100 kids. The apartments are served by 56 parking stalls. There is also bike parking and on-site laundry. GeoTest provided structural inspection services of the project’s concrete, epoxy, wood, steel, and asphalt. Additionally, we provided Building Envelope services including inspection, window testing, and air barrier testing.