Whatcom County Regional Infiltration Study


Bellingham, WA

Project Overview:

Subsurface evaluations of the northwest quadrant of the Lake Whatcom watershed were commissioned by Whatcom County in 2016. The purpose of the evaluation of this study area was to better understand stormwater and infiltration feasibility conditions in order to develop appropriate management practices.

Services Provided:

For this project, GeoTest provided a subsurface soil and groundwater geotechnical evaluation within the large watershed study area. A variety of evaluation techniques were employed including drilled borings, hand augers, and stormwater treatment capacity Pilot Infiltration Tests (PIT). Laboratory testing of the soil included gradations, hydrometers, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and groundwater observation. The results of these evaluations and tests were used to plan for future stormwater treatment techniques throughout the study area.


Whatcom County Public Works

Project Cost:


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